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Wolves Are Not Your Enemy

Regardless of what the ranchers may believe, wolves are not the
enemy. Read "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser and see who the real
enemy of the American Rancher really is. ConAgra and other food
giants are destroying the livelihood of hundreds if not thousands of
small ranchers and farmers. They drive the price of meat and
agricultural goods down so far that the small farms and ranches have
no choice but to sell out. Many of these folks feel that wolves are a
serious threat to their livestock. In some ways they are right, but
we can hardly fault the wolf for that. They are doing what they've
been doing for thousands of years. Wolves never kill more than they
can eat, and when we've driven away or killed their natural prey by
fencing off thousands of miles of land that were once shared by
bison, elk and deer, they have to eat what's available. I'm pretty
sure that a cow killed once in a while by wolves is a fair trade for
having taken away their home and territory. Evidently though, the
secretary of the interior Gale Norton doesn't feel that wolves
deserve any protection. The aerial hunting of wolves in alaska is
illegal, yet Norton refuses to enforce the law. I'd like to see
someone hunt her and her family and see how it feels. Here is a good
site for helping to protect the alaskan wolves.
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