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Effluent of the Affluent

My friend Jessica Mordo, an american living in Paris, posted THIS little news item to the posted items section of Facebook... I got a good laugh out of it, and if you're not a George W. Bush supporter, you probably will too. Hey, I'd sign the petition if I resided in San Francisco. I live just north in Marin County, and I think there are too many republicans in Marin to get the sewage treatment plant renamed "The Novato George W. Bush sewage treatment plant".


I warned y'all

Back in July of 2006 I mentioned that congress had again weakened our safety and consumer rights with the National Uniformity for Food Act (see the blog entry HERE). It looks like it's getting worse because the following snippet was sent to my phone this morning:
V.USGOV Tainted tomatoes highlight how Congress forfeited some food-safety opportunities in the new farm bill.(KRWB)
The full text of the article can be seen HERE.

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The future's so bright, you gotta wear shades

Today's post is for those of you with a bit of science geek in ya.

NASA is going to the sun
. HUH? Yeah, they're going to send a probe into the corona. It's considerably hotter there than than on the surface, and they're hopefully gonna figure out why (assuming the probe doesn't burn up in the process)

Of course, we have to wait another 6.5 years before they're ready to launch, but this looks like one of the cooler (uh... should I have said "hotter?") missions that's NASA's got up it's sleeve.

Hopefully they'll publish more about the materials and science they'll be using.. then my inner geek will be satisfied, because this is really just a teaser.