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Found on lawn

Found on lawn
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I went outside to take a call & found this empty wasp nest on a magnolia leaf lying on the lawn: NEAT!


Big Brother Selle

I haven't written on my blog in.. well, well over a year now. So, to kick things off again, I'm posting a video I shot recently of my older brother Selle skateboarding down Shoreline Highway. Selle had been visiting from Sweden and he brought his new handmade (by him)downhill board. He rode Shoreline a few days before this video and the conditions were much better: no eucalyptus nuts & bark all over the road, no wet spots. He made the most of it though and had a blast doing it. For the record, I'm driving and my brother Kevin is holding the camera. Enjoy!

Mist and Nuts at Shoreline from Ray Bogh on Vimeo.


Idaho Stop in California?

It's been a long time since I've posted. I've been busy with school and life and it makes for somewhat infrequent blogging. I've been asking myself WHY I'm still doing this. While I doubt Sammy Hagar was talking about blogging when he said "to me it's all just mental masturbation", the boot fits. Is blogging intrinsically a narcissistic form of self gratification? It could be argued successfully that indeed it is, and do I really want that mantle? Cheese & Rice, I've been spending too much in self-analysis. Never-mind, here's a little piece on the Idaho Stop, which just got shot down in the Oregon Legislature. Idaho has had the law since 1982 and it works for them, so why not for California?

Bicycles, Rolling Stops, and the Idaho Stop from Spencer Boomhower on Vimeo.


Passionate about Bikes

It's been a while since I posted... been busing living my life. I read something today though that I just had to share. A friend of my mom's sent me a link to this comment because he knows I'm a nut about bicycles. He was dead on: I love it.

Give IT a read. I hope y'all enjoyed your Sunday! For the record, no, I did not watch the superbowl, I was hanging with my 4 year old and he could care less about football. Neither could I. My idea of a good sport to watch on TV is cycling, but I think that's a given.


My secret endurance bicycle racing obsession

Last week, Jill Homer's blog linked to this little article posted in the New York Times, and it got me pondering my secret obsession with endurance bicycle racing. I suppose now I've posted it on the interwebs, it's not so secret...(insert forehead slapping sound). It started shortly after I got back into bicycling, specifically, transportation cycling. Funny that I would latch onto racing when what I was engaging in was about as similar to endurance racing as apples are to oranges: they're both fruits but they taste and look nothing alike. Despite this, I was hooked after I read Kent Peterson's account of the grueling Great Divide Race. I've been following the Iditarod Trail Invitational, the Arrowhead 135 and the Great Divide Race ever since. When those races are on, I'm checking the leader boards and trail updates several times a day, and I often find myself drifting off thinking about who is where, what they're seeing and experiencing and what it would be like to do it myself. These are self supported races: there's no "support team". There's no sport network covering these races, there's no multi-million dollar endorsements, no professional video crews, no screaming fans, no prize money, just dedicated people pitting themselves against the trail and nature with their wits and their velocipedes to get them across the finish line. It's compelling and inspiring and I encourage all my readership to check it out. Many of the riders write about their accounts, my favorites of course being the aforementioned Kent Peterson and the lovely and talented Jill Homer. I just purchased a copy of Jill's new book and I look forward to reading it. I'll post my review here.


"Dry land is not a myth"

Yes, you can laugh (if you even got the joke) about the title of this blog entry, but all the global warming naysayers can eat a big fat slice of humble pie . Why? Keep reading:

The year 2008 was the ninth warmest year since instrumental temperature measurements began in 1880, NASA reported on Tuesday. (KRWB)

So, are all those scientists and engineers working at NASA wrong? Maybe you think the politicians know better than the scientists... Yeah, I thought not.

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My friend Tara just started her blog and she's off to an AMAZING start: her first two articles deserve a much wider audience so I'm hoping to give her a little boost.

Today's article is entitled Microsoft OBS, read it and have a good laugh: I did! Someday I hope I write as well as Tara does.