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Todd's reviews of "An Inconvenient Truth"

Todd reviewed "An Inconvenient Truth" and now I know why I instinctively knew that I didn't need to see it.

1. It would just boil my blood
2. I already "get it" so I'd just be wasting my money seeing "news" about things I'm already aware of
3. Riding my bicycle is a far better way to spend my time than sitting in a movie theater
4. Al Gore is STILL a politician. Y'all who know me know how I feel about politicians: "if their mouths are open, their lying."

Please, please, please; if you read this blog, please go read Todd's article. So very very right on the money, and so very well written. The guy has a way with words that makes me green with envy. Now if he would just get me my Stokemonkey!


"Houston, we have a problem…"

Sorry. Another one from This article is about the vulnerability of the new ADS-B air traffic control system. A determined hacker (and I used to know a few in high-school) with a little bit of gear could reek all sorts of mayhem at the airport. What if Al-Queida paid a scrawny, pasty faced, socially impaired little hacker to crash planes for them? Sound farfetched? Think again. I'd like to see the FAA take this seriously, given that the last major weapon of mass destruction used in the U.S was a commercial airplane.

USB Demon Seed

Those of you with any interest in the security of your financial records should read this article. Very interesting, and makes me feel a little less silly for the minimum of security I place on my computer. Check it out.


I found this article through The wing is a pretty cool thing, but people have already been doing this with wingsuits for years. Granted, wingsuits won't let you travel 120 miles, but they'll let you go a lot farther than a stadard parachute will, and you don't need a hard wing that you can't readily dispose of once you land in "enemy" territory. Either way, the thing looks like fun; hopefully some of the sky diving companies will get some of these so civilians can start using them!


Franken Fotolog

Franken Fotolog; Bridge Photo

This guy took an amazing photo of a footbridge somewhere in Europe: I'm not sure if the one person you can see is riding a bicycle, but cheese & rice, why don't we have bridges like this? That's just beautiful!


China the beautiful

Holy cow… I always knew China had some beautiful places, but I've never been there. My friend joe has taken several photos at one of the same places (the view from the top of the terraced rice paddy hills), but this guy has so many more. Check it out. BTW, I found a new kind of it's called PixRat. As usual, my username is nollij, so you can look for the photos I find on the internet there as well as finding my links in