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Laughter's Loss

So there's this woman who works for Xtracycle (see to find out what I'm talking about), and her name is Laughter. She called me yesterday to tell me they were shipping my new xtracycle today and that I should have it soon. We chatted for a while about the xtracycle and also Burning Man (some of their crew goes out there every year). Well it turns out that some asswipe stole her XtraCycle Equipped Black Marin Novato from the top of her car when she was attending the green festival in SF. She's learning to live with it, but misses her bike. I don't blame her... I would be PISSED! I AM pissed! If you happen to see her bike, contact and let them know. Laughter had very unique handlebar grips on the bike, so you may be able to spot it that way: "My grips were sun and moon colored Yellow, Blue, Orange & Red with White stars" Once again, it is a 17" (or 18", she wasn't totally sure) Black (2004) Marin Novato with an XtraCycle on the back.. and the very unique grips described above. May the fleas of thousand horses asses infest the armpits of the thief, with my compliments.

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