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Bill Moyers Eulogy for Bill Coffin

Wow. We should all be so lucky to have someone as eloquent as Moyers speak at our own funeral. Reading Moyer's words about leads me to the conclusion that everyone can learn a little something from Coffin's life! A lovely read with a lot to chew on. Click the post title or HERE.

Thanks to Carla Steinberg for this link.


Cars: Waste of Time?

This is quite possibly my favorite breakdown EVER of why cars are lame. Sure, driving fast on the racetrack is fun, but bicycles truly are the superior vehicle. Hopefully the things that MCBC (Marin County Bicycle Coalition) is doing to try and get the old tunnels open and create that bicycle/pedestrian corridor from Sonoma to Sausalito will be completed before I die. As they say at Xtracycle, "Lord Grant me the courage to sell my car(s)". And to think I recently bought a diesel vehicle so I could run it on biodiesel that I'll be making myself: as much I think this is better than any hybrid or gasoline car, I know that it's still grossly, rudely inefficient in comparison to my bike. [SIGH]

Kudos to Todd at Cleverchimp once again for this link. His post is here.

BTW: May is National Bike Month and May 18th is the 12th annual SF Bay Area Bike To Work Day. Please please please, if you read this blog, please consider riding your bike to work on May 18th if you've never done it before. You JUST might see what I'm talking about here. Those of you who already do, keep up the good work, and watch out for those Cell-phone-distracted-SUV-drivers.

Final Thought: Why is Bush so oil addicted when he claims to like riding bicycles so much? Someone want to explain this one for me?


Bike Moves

A nicely done little video of a bike move. George and Louise, eat your heart out!

If anyone in my area is moving and would be willing to do a bike move, I'd be honored and stoked if you'd let me lend my Xtracycle and reluctant friends to the cause.

Once again, thanks to Todd at for the link.

Site of the Day: SPROL

This is one of the better articles I've read about riding bicycles in the Los Angeles area. Ouch.. and to my readers (I know at least one of you lives in L.A), do you ever ride you bikes in L.A? Now try again: how many ride to commute, ever? From the picture the article paints, Los Angeles county is an abysmal place to commute on a bike; and I thought Marin / SF were bad with all the SUV drivers on their cell phones!

Credit for finding this article goes to CleverChimp's Blog Entry

Do yourselves a favor. If you've never commuted to work on a bicycle, try it. It's eye opening, and it will change forever the way you treat bicyclists on the road.


Politricks sold our future to big pharma

My brother gavin is autistic. I've watched my family's struggle to deal with it. It's never easy. The question we've always asked is: was this preventable?

There have been some studies that show that autism is linked to an increased level of heavy metals in the body, particularly mercury. There has been a huge increase in the 20 years in the occurence of autism and related syndromes. Some reports link this increase to highly prevalent use of thimerosol in child vaccinations. You can imagine how terrifying this is for me as a parent.

The following article reports of the recent passage of the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREPA) by our head moron. Basically it gives carte blanche to Big Pharma to use thimerosol in vaccinations, and if proof is ever definitively found that thimerosol IS the cause of autism, big pharma can't be sued for it. Makes you want to sell those stocks doesn't it? Ethics & Business; mutually exclusive ideas.

It makes one long for vigilante / poetic justice.

One final note: thanks to Skip for the link to this page. Another one I missed at


Site of the Day: Paul Brock's call for Sanity

Today's site of the day comes from Australia by way of Ian McKendry, a friend of my mom's. I know, I know, another sobering and critical look at the powers that be. Still, you should READ IT. Why? The old saying goes: "Ignorance of the law is not a defense." If you don't know what's going on, crowing impotently once it's been done in your name is wasted energy; I should know. I've been guilty of this behavior once or twice.

Being pissed off all the time: it's bad for your blood pressure and makes you unpleasant to be around (ask my wife about this sometime inre: me). HOWEVER, indignation is the feeling I get nearly every time I delve into the world of politricks. So prepare to swallow your indignation; this article had mine bubbling like a bad case of indigestion.


King Kong beats Virgin Mary

Religious Icon "The Virgin Mary" has had more than her fair share of appearances. She's appeared in a grilled cheese sandwich, in a water stain under a bridge, on a pancake, on a bathroom door, ahhh hell with it: just go to yoism and find yourself ROTFLYAO. The Penn & Teller video is the funniest: I had to muffle my laughter in my arm so I wouldn't wake up Kai.

My friend Bart works as a cabinet & furniture maker. He found King Kong in a piece of wood. Dear Log, Sweet Cheese & Rice, hallelujah!

Peter Jackson, eat your heart out. You're remake has been immortalized in wood… whoops… damn, I think we just used it for kindling. JK!

What can I say? Humans are hard wired for pareidolia. Damn skippy. Soon to come; my own scary moment of pareidolia in my home office: A DEMON?


Site of the Day: The Dirt on the Poop

Today's site of the day comes from my friend Denise. While looking up constipation on company time, she found this site. As I am the master of poopsnake, this site is right up my alley. ;P There's some very interesting and funny content here (and quite a bit of it), so give it a look. Thanks Denise!


Keeping up with Johnny

A while back my friend Johnny posted a piece on his site TimeForSushi about how his cell phone managed to survive a trip under the wheels of a DeSoto TaxiCab. I was impresssed, but I feel he's been one-up'ed at this point. This guy's laptop is by most people's reckoning, ruined. Hard to believe that it still works, not to mention the fact that the airport card is still functioning.

Just for fun, here's a picture of a another laptop that got run over.

An apology for the lack of postings lately. I have at least 4 new blogs postings on their way this week, so stay tuned for new content!