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Found on lawn

Found on lawn
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I went outside to take a call & found this empty wasp nest on a magnolia leaf lying on the lawn: NEAT!


Big Brother Selle

I haven't written on my blog in.. well, well over a year now. So, to kick things off again, I'm posting a video I shot recently of my older brother Selle skateboarding down Shoreline Highway. Selle had been visiting from Sweden and he brought his new handmade (by him)downhill board. He rode Shoreline a few days before this video and the conditions were much better: no eucalyptus nuts & bark all over the road, no wet spots. He made the most of it though and had a blast doing it. For the record, I'm driving and my brother Kevin is holding the camera. Enjoy!

Mist and Nuts at Shoreline from Ray Bogh on Vimeo.