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I don't post a lot about Burning Man: there is a plethora of stuff out there on the web, not the least being the Burning Man site itself. I've posted a couple of times about my experiences in BRC and some of you who know me have received personal missives about my experiences there. Truth be told, Burning Man sunk it's hooks into me in 1999 and hasn't given an inch of ground since.

Today I was checking out the new city map and noticed THIS on the front page. It's very nicely written, and nearly inspired me to tears. Check it out.


No Mercy

My brothers (both genetically and fictively) and I went to see the Giants get slaughtered by the Dodgers on Friday night. Several rows in front of us was a female dodgers fan that was holding a sign that said "Lose Seal" and had a Lou Seal stuffed seal toy in a Dodgers jersey. The REAL Lou Seal spotted it and retaliated. WATCH the video that my friend Merritt got. When Lou Seal came back for a second round, another very drunken and beligerent Dodgers fan tried to intervene and pushed Lou Seal over the seats, and got himself ejected from the park. The whole thing was pretty damn funny. Take a look!


CURSE you Honda!

Now they've done it. I was writing an email in the kitchen and my son was in the other room watching Nick Jr. I heard the familiar strains of Parliament's "Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker)". Something registered in my brain weird: what the hell was Parliament doing on Nick Jr.? I ran into the room to see the end of a Honda ad… for their minivan the Odyssey. The horror! I guess everyone's got their price. I don't know who retained creative control of Parliament's library of tunes, but if it was the media savvy George Clinton, he no doubt sold the rights to use the song to Honda... but kee-rist, did they HAVE to use it for a Minivan? Couldn't they have used it for a slick fast little sportscar (not that it's much better really)? I'm cringing just thinking about it. They were trying to dress this cookie-cutter symbol of suburban sprawl and car culture with psychadelic colors surrounding the car and suggestive shrooms growing all around it, but the fact of the matter is that most people buying this car don't do shrooms, don't listen to psychadelica and don't pimp their minivans out as 70's style mobile love nests. What is Honda thinking? They ruined a perfectly awesome example of funk for a gas-guzzling shitbox. It's a crying shame and the world is a duller place for it. Sorry for the negativity, but this just made me die a little inside.

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