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Veterans Day

I was listening to Forum on NPR, and it being Veteran's Day, that was
the subject of the show. I thought about the friends and family that
I have that have served in the military and in one of America's wars.
My step-brother and step-father both served in the Navy, and both
managed to avoid (by narrow margins) being involved in a major
conflict. I am thankful for that. My friend Bill was not so lucky. He
served in Vietnam and lost much of the use of his right knee and leg
due to having a land mine blow up under him. To Bill and all the
other vets who have given so much, a very deeply heartfelt "Thank
You" for your sacrifice. I do NOT agree with the politicians for
sending you there, but that has nothing to do with you. Thank you,
thank you, thank you for your gift. I know that it is a pale and
meager reward for the incredible sacrifices that have been made.
Peace be with you on this and all days.

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