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Site of the Day: Homokaasu

To give credit where credit is due, today's site of the day was found by Leila. I got my first banner from these guys: my site is certified (at least as of about noon today -2006.03.28-) only 32% evil.. not bad considering the content of most of the posts that are up here.

Their site is my first real foray into Finnish websites... so far the Finnish have a lot going for them IMHO.

Check it out HERE

Still haven't left...

Dear sweet cheese and rice... I wanted to go down and help the burners who are down in Pearlington working to rebuild the place and help the folks who live there put their township back in order. Alas, I severely herniated my 4th lumbar disc about 4 years ago and it picked a couple of weeks ago to act up. It's bad; pain every morning, sometimes so bad I can't put on my shoes without stretching for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes at night I go to bed and pray that sleep takes me; the sciatica dances it's way up and down my hips and legs with every little movement and the dull ache in my lower back grows in short stabs, feeling much like a raging pack of angry leprechans are doing a drunken whirling stomp on my spine. Other times it stays at bay, a dull ache, nothing out of the ordinary. So I wait, I bide my time, I do my sit-ups and stretches and strengthening exercises and try to get back healthy enough to head down to Pearlington and lend a hand.

Enough kvetching on my part; check out what the Burners have been doing in Pearlington: they're still there, they haven't left.

I may join them yet.


… and one for timeforsushi

I don't want to forget Johnny here... his site is timeforsushi and his wit and humor are priceless. I'm not so fond of the colors (my problem, not his), but I love the shout-out function on his site... live chat with no annoying fluff. Johnny is up to his usual tricks… he's been lurking around the bay area just long enough for me to hear about it, but not long enough for me to catch up with him before he bails again! Grrrrr.........

A plug for webegeeky

Just wanted to let y'all out there know, my friend Chris Gleason's site is full of interesting news and tidbits. I get some great inspiration from his daily travels around the webosphere. Check it out.

Africa Splits Apart

Found at Chris Gleason's WeBeGeeky, this article is about the Afar Triangle (the western most part of africa) and it's incredible geological transformations. Africa is going to lose one of it's horns! Check it out HERE. I wonder if this means new beaches and new surf spots as well?

Rat Patrol's 2005 Guerilla Flotilla: ROTFLMAO

I see a lot of mildly funny things on the internet.. some get a smile, some get a chuckle, but to have to muffle your laughter so you don't wake up your sleeping kid… well, it has to be damn funny. Read the Rat Patrol article, then read THIS. The deadpan of the lake magazine article after the sarcastic tone of the Chicagofreakbike article was what really got me laughing… man I love bike culture.


Calling planet Houston; why you so mean?

Wow... 3 posts in one day. I keep finding stuff that is worth passing on... though I'm hoping for something funny or positive SOON! Being homeless isn't much fun... I get my view of the streets from a guy named Michael Brown who writes his blog on public computers. He's homeless, but until recently, had a place to live. His insight into street life is well... illuminating. You can check out his blog @ . I'll place his blog in my blogroll as well so you don't have to refer back to this post. The article talks about Houston's recent ordinances that make life EVEN HARDER for the homeless living in Houston. Lame lame LAME! Michael Brown's post that I got the link from is HERE.

Reading Michael Brown's blog has got me thinking: what can one do when one sees a homeless person panhandling? I often want to help, but I don't always. Sometimes I feel like it would be better if instead of giving money I stopped and drove the person somewhere they needed to go, fed them a meal, talked to them, found out where they were living... listened basically. Maybe there might be something I could do to help them get on their feet. If even one person in a thousand actually did this, there would no doubt be a lot fewer homeless people living on the street.

No more muzzle...

Sandra Day O'Connor is no longer a supreme court justice which means the gloves are off folks. She can say what she likes now. Check it out.. THIS was the content of her speech at Georgetown University. I think we probably lost a good thing when we lost O'Connor... not that we had a choice. She stepped down to care for her husband in his failing health. It would be a good idea to keep an eye on O'Connor... she may have more to say and we'd be stupid not to listen.

Unbelieveable Hypocrisy

I am and have always been a supporter of a woman's right to choose to have an abortion. This article made my mouth drop open. Why I'm still surprised by enormous hypocrisy, I don't know. THIS was written in 2000, but it's still relevant: the supreme court could very well vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade. South Dakota already has. Watch out. And to pay credit where credit is due, I got this link from I heard about Reddit from Kevin Kelly's


Funny or Scary?

My friend Rob sent me this LINK. These guys have come up with a robotic pack mule. Like I told Rob, the part the seals the deal on the "scary" aspect is when the guy kicks it, and it just... adjusts. Incredible stuff.


Cowardly Censorship brought to you by the New York Theater Workshop

This is a great article. Please please read it.

For those who want a preface: Rachel Corrie was an american activist killed by an american bulldozer in Israel. Katherine Viner wrote an article for the Los Angeles Times (republished by the Common Dreams Newscenter) which lambasts the New York Theater Workshop for canceling the production of "My Name is Rachel Corrie". Will the U.S ever see the production of this play? Maybe in California... maybe not. I'd love to see it.. and that's saying something, as I'm not usually down for theater productions.

Click the title or HERE