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Shortsighted FOOLS!

Ok.. the U.S State Dept. can officially kiss my ass. This is so WRONG! Article

When you do things like this, karma has a way of exacting retribution by inflicting terrible diseases upon you and/or your loved ones. Wait, didn't our once esteemed Colin Powell (and why does he pronounce it like body part anyway?) work for the state dept? No wait, that's right, he left in shame; things just haven't been the same since old Powell decided that lying for the Bush war machine wasn't so bad. Look where THAT got us... we're well over 2000 soldiers killed, and I think the wounded (most of them permanently) number over 20,000... or maybe that's 40,000... I can't remember. The numbers are staggering enough that they get fuzzy... just the way the state dept. likes it. "A little depleted uranium with your mashed potatoes private?" No? TOO BAD, we're gonna stuff it down your fatigues so you get cancer, or Gulf War Syndrome or if you're lucky, maybe just plain ol' fashioned radiation poisoning.

Did I mention the nearly 100,000 iraqis dead (many of them innocents)???

How DO you put down in words the sound of a cat hissing? Hmmm...

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