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Kilts and… Corporations?

I haven't posted in over a week… ouch. There's so much to see and experience and think about in this world, it's amazing that anyone has time to blog. Nevertheless, here I am with a new posting!

As some of you know, I'm fond of wearing my utilikilts. Ian BM05 RAWKcrop.jpg According to Utilikilts, "The Utilikilt is a superior tool for changing minds, and should be used in lieu of guns for that purpose." I can't agree more, though I do enjoy shooting firearms and appreciate their wilderness survival qualities.

Every month I get the dispatch from the Utilikilts company in the form of their newsletter. May's newsletter had a link to this article about corporate personhood and the 28 Words. I've read "Unequal Protection: The Rise Of Corporate Dominance And The Theft Of Human Rights" by Thom Hartmann, at least most of it, and most times I got so angry and frustrated, I'd have to put it down after about 10 pages. I had to skip to the back in order to gather some hope: the book is pretty accessable in terms of it's readability, but the content has a tendency to boil my blood. If you haven't read it and are interested, I have a second copy that is my loaner and my goal is to circulate it to anyone who's willing to read it. I'll even pay to ship it to you!

The idea of the 28 Words gives me hope. I think the idea that it will take 15 years for implementation may be realistic, but I'm not sure we have that much time to f*ck around: I'd like to see that timetable moved up to 5 years. 15 years from now I'll be 46, more than half my life will theoretically be over at that point. Corporate abuse has been getting steadily worse for the last 100 years: how much longer can we sustain it before a collapse occurs? I invite your thoughts dear readers.

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