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It's NOT cheating!

I couldn't have said it better myself, so I won't. I want to put a Stokemonkey on my xtracycle bike. I love to ride, but I've had several "purists" scoffingly question my desire for a "pedal assist". I've tried to get my point across concisely and effective but have largely failed. BTW, none of the "purist" commentators ride a 56 pound (standard weight with my "standard" load) bike: they all ride sub 20lb bikes that can't carry much more than the rider and a energy bar! Oh yeah, and none of them weigh 195lb either!

It's so nice to have a bulletproof answer for a flippant question! Thanks Todd!

"Isn’t it cheating to put a motor on a bicycle?"

Only if you use it for trips that you could enjoy, or learn to enjoy, on your own power alone. We think you should use a regular bike for those trips. A worse form of cheating is using a multi-ton vehicle for trips that Stokemonkey makes easy, while flattering yourself that you are too strong and pure a bicyclist to use a motor.

Todd Fahrner,

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