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JUST the RIGHT word!

This was the word of the day from on March 10th. I know, I know, today is May 12, but I get behind in my email! This is such an appropriate word for my blog! Thanks Anu!

weltschmerz (VELT-shmerts) noun

World weariness; pessimism, apathy, or sadness felt at the difference between physical reality and the ideal state.

[From German Weltschmerz, from Welt (world) + Schmerz (pain).]

-Anu Garg (

"I hate being told to have a good time! I'll feel the weltschmerz if I want to."
Mari Sasano; Things to Do Today; Edmonton Journal (Canada); Dec 3, 2005.


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....and WHY is it such an appropriate word for your blog, hmmmmmmm????

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