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Friends don't let friends buy B.S.O's

This is a great ARTICLE and I REQUIRE that any one I know who wants to buy their bicycle at Costco, WalMart, KMart, Sears, etc. READ THIS ARTICLE FIRST. Not to be a drama queen, but it could save your life. A poorly / incorrectly assembled B.S.O (bicycle shaped object) can put you in the hospital, and who needs that? (The term BSO belongs to Mike McGettigan, the outspoken owner of Trophy Bikes in Philadelphia, PA)

Also, the local reputable bicycle shop needs your business. If you can't afford a new bike from them, buy as good a used bike as you can, and have them check it out before you buy: keep your money in YOUR community, not at corporate HQ in some far distant state!


~*~Lei-L@~*~ said...

What a great article!!! I had no idea mass produced bikes were such crap. Thank God I read it....D is considering buying a bike soon so we can go ride. I'll be sure to send him to a local shop to get the right one that won't fall apart in an hour...

Thanks for that info!

nollij said...

Hey leila, give me a call before you and D go out to buy. I'm more than happy to help you guys find a bike, new or used.