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2 Mile Challenge

Wow.. a plethora of new entries!

The Two Mile Challenge is something I found linked through Kent Peterson's Blog and I think it's just so damn cool to get people out of their cars for that 40% (40% of trips by automobile in the US are 2 miles or under from our homes). I realized most of my trips by bicycle are beyond this 2 mile range, but then again, the walkability factor of my neighborhood isn't rated all that high.

Get crackin! If you don't have a bike, check your local Craigslist to find lots of deals. Don't buy a BSO if you can avoid it! Reuse reuse reuse! If you live in Marin County, you can visit The Recyclery and your $$$'s will help Trips for Kids. It's all good!

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Squirrel said...

Bro I would love to ship some Surly Brew your way only thing is I live in Des Moines and Surly is only found in Minneapolis as of right now:( The Furosous was exactly that....heavy on the hopps...but the Bender was pure dark goodness:)