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The Flash Flags have landed...

They are here! I will post good pictures soon (as well as in the bag, I'll have some mounted photos as well). If you want one, they're $9. Shipping to most places (standard, not express) should be about $1-@2, but I'll have to put on in a package and weigh it to know for sure.

They look a little different than they used to.. they now have reflective striping across the flags, and they should be equally visible at night as well as day. What's funny is, I recently bought a flag and mast for my Bike E RX, and I did the EXACT same thing to my flag with some reflective tape I bought at the hardware store. I had no idea that they'd changed the design on the Flash Flags to do this as well... but I guess bike minds think alike. If I can figure out some way to mount it, I'll put a flash flag on my 'bent (but the seatstays (as far as they can be called this) won't accomodate it, so I'll either mount it to the seat, or drill and tap a hole in the body near the tail. Pictures to come as projects get completed.

Speaking of which, NO the stokemonkey isn't done. I'm waiting on a part I need to fabricate (custom chain guide) in order to run the bike safely, otherwise the chain will rub on the frame AND new Val Kleiss centerstand. Fortunately, the design phase is nearly finished, preliminary .dxf files have been created and the bearings are the only things holding up the chain roller process now.

The rubbing issue is due in large to the swapout of the cranks and rings(previously a Truvativ 5D 48,38,28, Now a Sugino X3 44, 34, 22) and BB (went to a UNB-53 from the Truvativ Splined Power cartidge), all in all lowering my high gear ratio from 103 to 94.4 and my low end from 27.7 to 21.8. The next upgrade I do to this bike in the transmission (and only once this one wears out) will be to go to fewer gears, either 7 or 8 cog cassette (if I can find a new one!) or the Deore XT 9 speed CS-M760.


todd said...

stokemonkey chain rubs frame? should i send you a longer BB? 113 usually works; what have you got? rubs val's stand? do tell!

nollij said...

Nah.. the right side chain (the final drive) is the one that's rubbing on the centerstand. I've removed as many links as I can and there's still significant chain sag and rubbing in the small ratio gears. I finished the CAD Design for my roller guide (getting one from MRP or the like has been rather problematic), so now I need bearings, a bolt or threaded rod, and some spacers. It all takes time that is in short supply. DOH! Thanks for the BB offer Todd. I still have to tweak the motor mounts on the SM: I can see that the chainline isn't quite straight. It looks like it's in the ballpark, but I'm reluctant to mess things up (and it feels like there's some friction when I hand pedal the cranks.) Now, I know that to the feet and legs, the friction from the motor chain would feel a lot less if noticeable at all, but I want to be sure that I've got the motor chainline as straight as I can get it.