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Flash Flags are almost here!

The Flash Flags I ordered are almost here. I've been checking daily on their status via the UPS site and they are slowly making their way from Canada to my doorstep in Novato. These are a nifty little item that bolts on to your bike and increases your visibility to drivers of the vehicular variety. You can see them on here, but I'll have better pictures up as soon as I get them. They should be about $9 plus shipping. Drop me a comment if you're interested. I'll have 16 of them to sell and depending on how fast they go, I may get more.

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Cathy said...

I might be interested, but I can't really get a sense of what they're like from that website.

BTW, I wonder what the German translation of "Darkwad" would be... When I lived in Hamburg lots of people would ride around unlit, despite its consummate illegality and inherent stupidity.