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Report a Marin County pothole or road hazard!

Reposted from the Marin County Bicycle Coalition's newsletter. I kept meaning to post this as a link to a valuable resource, so finally, here it is:


Call someone who can help!

Riding on poorly maintained road facilities can be dangerous. When road shoulders and bike lanes are littered with debris or extremely rutted, cyclists are forced to take the lane for their safety. If drivers are not aware of cyclists' rights to be in the lane, road rage and reckless passing by drivers often occurs.

Save your own skin (and that of your cycling friends!) by reporting all road hazards that you encounter to the proper jurisdiction. Those of us who ride the roads are the best eyes available to see and ask for conditions to be made safer. No one wants to maintain a liability, so call the right person from the list below.

Belvedere - Bob Branz, 435-4744
Corte Madera - Dave Bracken, 927-5120
Fairfax - Debra Sue Johnson, 453-0291
Larkspur - Hamid Shamsapour, 927-5017
Mill Valley - Wayne Bush, 388-4033 x113
Novato - Glenn Young, 899-8963
Ross - Mel Jarjoura, 453-1453 x119
San Anselmo - Rabi Elias, 258-4623
San Rafael - Andy Preston, 485-3359
Sausalito - Tom Birse, 289-4176
Tiburon - Tony Iacopi, 435-7399
Marin County - George Buckle, 499-7512
Caltrans Southern Marin - Lynn Houston, 289-2951
Caltrans West Marin - 663-1176
North Bay - 707-762-6641
Golden Gate Bridge -

This list is available year-round on the MCBC website's ( Resources page.

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Rossetta Thorpe said...

On Thanksgiving Day I rounded the corner of Throckmorton at the corner of Bernard, clipping the curb due to cars parked along trees, legally parked in front of Peets and up west Thorkmorton. I immediately and completed had two blow outs to the tires on the right side of my car. I was informed by two tow truck drivers, AAA, and two merchants, Landos and the Too Neat that this happens several times a month. Closer inspections shown to me by the tow trucker driver is a metal lip to reinforce the curb, this has a razor sharp fold that slices and traps the tire, so it is ruined and often the rear tire as well. Why has this not been fixed or modified? I understand major and continual complaints have been made. What an introduction to the Commercial Area of Mill Valley. I had just purchased new tires, at about $200 a tire. One rim is ruined as well. This is a disgrace!
And easily repaired. I see there is a drain there but put some stations or a tree, or redesign the curb. Carol Butler