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Having a dad with a sense of humor…

Wow. Not one for the kiddies, but you adults should get a good laugh or perhaps cringe out of this one. For full disclosure, I found this at which of course belongs to the highly esteemed Chris Gleason.

I never saw this ad on TV, but then again I don't watch much (significantly less than an hour a week), and I have a feeling this got banned rather quickly.

*Smirk, Snort*

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~*~Lei-L@~*~ said...

You know, I never saw that on TV either!! Why don't we ever get to see the good stuff in the grand 'ol US of A?? I bet they showed it in Europe... Bahhumbug.

I remember that one though, saw it awhile ago and it's STILL hilarious. Thanks for the reminder belly laugh! :-)

Hope you're well!