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This is one of the better articles I've read about riding bicycles in the Los Angeles area. Ouch.. and to my readers (I know at least one of you lives in L.A), do you ever ride you bikes in L.A? Now try again: how many ride to commute, ever? From the picture the article paints, Los Angeles county is an abysmal place to commute on a bike; and I thought Marin / SF were bad with all the SUV drivers on their cell phones!

Credit for finding this article goes to CleverChimp's Blog Entry

Do yourselves a favor. If you've never commuted to work on a bicycle, try it. It's eye opening, and it will change forever the way you treat bicyclists on the road.

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~*~Lei-L@~*~ said...

I wish I could...I really do...
Have you tried riding from Vallejo to Novato and back on HWY 37??? Are bikes even allowed???

If only you saw the illegal behavior and temper tantrums that I see DAILY (Passing on the right even tho it is ONE LANE, tailgating even tho there's a stream of cars in front - as if that'll make it go faster, flying along the road at breakneck speeds - assuming the commuters are gone; Motorcyclists aren't even safe...).

....As much as I'd love to do my part and ride my bicycle - I'd rather keep my life.