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King Kong beats Virgin Mary

Religious Icon "The Virgin Mary" has had more than her fair share of appearances. She's appeared in a grilled cheese sandwich, in a water stain under a bridge, on a pancake, on a bathroom door, ahhh hell with it: just go to yoism and find yourself ROTFLYAO. The Penn & Teller video is the funniest: I had to muffle my laughter in my arm so I wouldn't wake up Kai.

My friend Bart works as a cabinet & furniture maker. He found King Kong in a piece of wood. Dear Log, Sweet Cheese & Rice, hallelujah!

Peter Jackson, eat your heart out. You're remake has been immortalized in wood… whoops… damn, I think we just used it for kindling. JK!

What can I say? Humans are hard wired for pareidolia. Damn skippy. Soon to come; my own scary moment of pareidolia in my home office: A DEMON?

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~*~Lei-L@~*~ said...

Finally got that nose ring, I see...LMAO.

Pretty trippy king kong pic...Nice!