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Politricks sold our future to big pharma

My brother gavin is autistic. I've watched my family's struggle to deal with it. It's never easy. The question we've always asked is: was this preventable?

There have been some studies that show that autism is linked to an increased level of heavy metals in the body, particularly mercury. There has been a huge increase in the 20 years in the occurence of autism and related syndromes. Some reports link this increase to highly prevalent use of thimerosol in child vaccinations. You can imagine how terrifying this is for me as a parent.

The following article reports of the recent passage of the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREPA) by our head moron. Basically it gives carte blanche to Big Pharma to use thimerosol in vaccinations, and if proof is ever definitively found that thimerosol IS the cause of autism, big pharma can't be sued for it. Makes you want to sell those stocks doesn't it? Ethics & Business; mutually exclusive ideas.

It makes one long for vigilante / poetic justice.

One final note: thanks to Skip for the link to this page. Another one I missed at

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