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Risky Business

Ok.. so my friend Leila sends me this funny link:

Why is it that celebs feel the need to have pet causes and champion them? Sometimes it HURTS those causes more than it helps; I disagree with the pop axiom that states that there is no bad publicity. Examples: Woody Harrelson championed legalization of cannabis (and I agree with him on that), much to the detriment of his career. Darryl Hannah with her biodiesel powered ranch and vehicles (and though I support the Biodiesel movement in general, and the media exposure can be good for putting important issues on the table, sometimes having celebrities on board can make the whole thing seem very kitsch and trendy.) How many movie roles has Hannah had lately? Cameron Diaz lent her fame to the NRDC; then again nothing seems to hurt her and the NRDC was kicking ass long before she came along.

Why can't these people stay away from my causes? The short treatment the gossip media pays to the "pet" causes of celebs trivializes the work of some very committed people. The celeb drops their name for 15 minutes and the people who've done all the real work get no recognition. None. Zip. Zero. NADA. The social climbing acheived from this makes me ILL.... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Scientology. Who are these people helping? From what I gather through the grapevine of my own family (one member of which was at one point a high ranking member of the church of scientology before he pulled out only to suffer death threats) is that the church of scientology is like most religious institutions, not about spirituality or higher powers, but about money. In the case of scientology, it's worse. You have to pay to move up. The more scratch you contribute, the more you move up. It's a long sordid story folks, and I'm not sure the modern day scientology movement is really what L. Ron Hubbard had in mind... then again, maybe it's exactly what he had in mind. Is that guy even still alive? He was a pretty good sci-fi writer for a while, he should have stuck to that. Speaking of which, I had a conversation with a guy named Rishi Graham (dude if you're reading this, drop me a line!) once about L. Ron Hubbard, Frank Herbert and JRR Tolkein. What I remember (and memory is a slippery eel) is that he said they were all buddies and had a running bet on who could write a book that would turn into a religion... guess who won? Herbert wrote Dune, Tolkein wrote The Silmarillion, and Hubbard wrote Dianetics. Wow.

Then of course we arrive at The Govinator. This is a guy who starred in at least a dozen extremely violent movies and is heavily satirized in his acting career for his idiotic one liners, delivered in that easily mockable austrian accent. After hearing him speak (on NPR) at the Town Hall meeting in Walnut Creek regarding his pet measures in the upcoming special election, I'm inclined to say that he speaks well in public.. kee-ryst, he'd better! That corporate high-puppet GWB that he shares his political party with can't speak to save his life. I swear if I hear one more mention of 9/11 in his speeches, I'm gonna vomit blood. But I've seriously digressed...

Tom Cruise, male lead (and I won't say star because that distinction goes to Rebecca De Mornay) in Risky Business, (and many many more) is a decent actor, if a bit predictable. So how come he gets taken seriously when he talks about a religion? HE'S A FU*KING ACTOR, NOT A PRIEST! But hold on, according to the IMDB, he was GOING to be a priest, but dropped out of the seminary after a year. Now, you can't expect too a 14 year old kid to make up their mind about their life's work, but come ON! Why is he ruining his acting career over a religion? Madonna seems to have been better able to manage her newfound connection to the Kaballah better than Tom has... somebody better put the brakes on Tom before he blows it completely. He's really starting to paint himself as a WACKO! The Matt Lauer interview was by far the worst though.. he was SUCH a dick.

Tom may be a father, but Nicole didn't go through Post Partum Depression, and I'm pretty sure that unlike most working americans, the Cruises had PLENTY of help raising their kids. I'm also pretty sure that his family can afford any doctor they want, and if someone were to be diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, they'll be taking lithium (or whatever the newest bi-polar drug is) and not be fu#king around with the snake oil hocus pocus of scientology.

The ingnorant feces coming out of his mouth about psychiatry and the dangers of pharmaceuticals to treat depression are.... well, retard shit. Believe me, the pharmaceutical companies are the big devils, no doubt about it, but depression isn't just something you "snap" out of when it's chemical. Yes Mr. Cruise, there ARE chemical imbalances in the body. I get them when I don't eat enough and the blood sugar gets low: it turns me into a petulant, irrational, vicious little monkey. I store up that mood and redistribute it on my blog to people like YOURSELF!

So now I'm blogging a blogger's blog... Wow.. blogging thrice removed. The scientomogy blog references the oddvitamins blog and I'm referencing the scientomogy blog who's referencing the oddvitamins blog [confused yet?]

Nice one oddvitamins.... and thanks to for inspiring this rant! Good thing you guys are in Kiwi land... far far away from the vicious lawyer types here in the states. Keep up the good work!

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