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Passionate about Bikes

It's been a while since I posted... been busing living my life. I read something today though that I just had to share. A friend of my mom's sent me a link to this comment because he knows I'm a nut about bicycles. He was dead on: I love it.

Give IT a read. I hope y'all enjoyed your Sunday! For the record, no, I did not watch the superbowl, I was hanging with my 4 year old and he could care less about football. Neither could I. My idea of a good sport to watch on TV is cycling, but I think that's a given.


Anonymous said...

How have you healed up from your accident?

BotchedExperiment (aka Chainsaw Dan)

nollij said...

Botched, I'm getting better, but no, I'm not fully healed. It's going to probably take a full year before I get back to something approaching full capacity. The chances of getting full range of motion back in my foot are slim to none and slim just left town. I AM able to ride a bicycle again, which is huge. I'm nursing a lung infection which has severely crippled my ability to ride due to the asthma type symptoms I'm experiencing. Ugh... looking forward to being able to ride again without nearly coughing to death. How is YOUR healing coming along?

Kyli said...

There is more to life than Sunday afternoons on the couch watching football!