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High speed insanity

Someone told me about this a few days ago, and by pure happenstance, I ran into it HERE. This is perhaps the craziest crash I've seen. The speed at which this guy is going is beyond belief (just under 107 mph... ON A BICYCLE!). The fastest I've ever ridden a bicycle off road is 47mph, and it felt like Mach 1 to me. I was on a trail, not a wide open cinder cone, but even given the terrain, this kind of speed sounds like suicide. Frankly, I'm amazed the guy lived through the crash. I don't speak enough Japanese to know what the heck they're saying, but I'm sure the words "insane" and "crazy" got in there somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

We know very little Japanese, but my Chinese-speaking husband says that the guy sustained 11 bone fractures throughout his body -- in addition to that road rash...