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Changing my mind

Ok, I was convinced that most Christians were wrong, that their support for GWB (this of course being a generalization) and his policies in Iraq were going to damn them all to their own hell, and then I read this . Now I know it's not all Christians who are fooled by the big "W". I'd given up on Christianity completely, but then I realized that some Christians see through the lies of those who claim the same faith. There is hope. Bicycles and bicycling as a form of worship? Sweet! Those of you who observe Lent, please read the article!

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Anonymous said...

Certain kinds of Christians have a vested interest and a lot of expertise invested in making people think they speak for most Christians (which they don't) and their views certainly don't match that of the dude they supposedly worship.
The sojo folks have been working to get other voices heard. I grew up thinking Christianity was a radical thing ... but heck, in my Catholic school we had purple mimeographs with the words to "four dead in ohio" on 'em. THe Lenten essay really gave me pause... and keeps my hands from that ignition key.
I found your blog with something with cycling but I don't know what. Glad you clicked on by :) :)