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Still haven't left...

Dear sweet cheese and rice... I wanted to go down and help the burners who are down in Pearlington working to rebuild the place and help the folks who live there put their township back in order. Alas, I severely herniated my 4th lumbar disc about 4 years ago and it picked a couple of weeks ago to act up. It's bad; pain every morning, sometimes so bad I can't put on my shoes without stretching for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes at night I go to bed and pray that sleep takes me; the sciatica dances it's way up and down my hips and legs with every little movement and the dull ache in my lower back grows in short stabs, feeling much like a raging pack of angry leprechans are doing a drunken whirling stomp on my spine. Other times it stays at bay, a dull ache, nothing out of the ordinary. So I wait, I bide my time, I do my sit-ups and stretches and strengthening exercises and try to get back healthy enough to head down to Pearlington and lend a hand.

Enough kvetching on my part; check out what the Burners have been doing in Pearlington: they're still there, they haven't left.

I may join them yet.

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