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Calling planet Houston; why you so mean?

Wow... 3 posts in one day. I keep finding stuff that is worth passing on... though I'm hoping for something funny or positive SOON! Being homeless isn't much fun... I get my view of the streets from a guy named Michael Brown who writes his blog on public computers. He's homeless, but until recently, had a place to live. His insight into street life is well... illuminating. You can check out his blog @ . I'll place his blog in my blogroll as well so you don't have to refer back to this post. The article talks about Houston's recent ordinances that make life EVEN HARDER for the homeless living in Houston. Lame lame LAME! Michael Brown's post that I got the link from is HERE.

Reading Michael Brown's blog has got me thinking: what can one do when one sees a homeless person panhandling? I often want to help, but I don't always. Sometimes I feel like it would be better if instead of giving money I stopped and drove the person somewhere they needed to go, fed them a meal, talked to them, found out where they were living... listened basically. Maybe there might be something I could do to help them get on their feet. If even one person in a thousand actually did this, there would no doubt be a lot fewer homeless people living on the street.


sfcg said...

More often than not homeless people are mentally unstable. Though they appear normal, etc. they are manic, and generally have highly addictive personalities. When I was travelling, only the kids displayed any normal level of sanity. Unfortunately I think giving them a ride to somewhere, or talking to them would not do much to remedy their problems. Neither would giving them money though either.

nollij said...

Chris, I agree with you that quite a few homeless folks are mentally unstable. Part of this is due to former President Reagan's closing of several thousand mental homes/hospitals in the 80's. Nice eh? That being said, there are a lot of homeless families who are not mentally unstable and are just trying to get by. They could definitely use a helping hand...