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No Alito!

I don't think Alito is going to be good for us. I tend to agree with that:

Alito would support President Bush's drive for unchecked executive power, which poses a grave threat to our basic rights.

Alito has fought for full immunity for administration officials who illegally spy on Americans, and Bush stands accused of just that crime.

Alito believes in a theory of the super-powerful "unitary executive" that would justify Bush's attempts to indefinitely detain American citizens without trial or charges.

Alito even opposed Morrison v. Olson which gave Congress the power to appoint a special counsel, that the president cannot just fire at will, to investigate presidential scandals.

These changes would not only threaten our rights in the short term under Bush, they would put our freedoms in jeopordy for decades to come.

I wrote a letter to the editor at the SF Chronicle. It probably won't get published (slightly inflamatory), but who knows, stranger things have happened. Here's my letter in case it doesn't get published. It's just such a masterful piece of writing *snicker*

Subject: No Alito!

Inre: Jesse H. Holland's "Alito Confirmation Seems All but Assured". The confirmation of Samuel Alito would be the killing stroke for personal freedoms in America. Judge Alito's stand on Morrison vs. Olson is the best example of this: the man isn't looking out for the interests of American citizens. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, future "letters to the editor" like this one could get you locked in a cell deep in the "Ministry of Love", never to be seen again. To the Dems: please attempt the filibuster, it may be our only hope.

Kudos to those of you who get the "Ministry of Love" reference. Those of you who don't, go here: 1984

Click the title of this post or HERE to read the AP Article I was responding to.

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