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What's the breaking point?

While reading through the comments on today's edition of Yehuda Moon, I followed links first to the CNN video about an assault on 2 cyclists (a fear inducing article, a technique I'm never fond of) and then on to another one of my occasional reading spots, Copenhagenize.

Here's the video:

There is no excuse for assaulting cyclists in a car. Doctor Thompson deserves whatever punishment he gets: these cyclists could be DEAD instead of just badly injured. If he HAD killed them he might have gotten off easier because he would have claimed it was an "accident" and no one would have been there to refute the claim and testimony from Patrick Watson would likely have been deemed not admissible in court. Hard to say with "What If's?". Either way, watch out for those road ragers!

When I made it over to read the "More Expensive Gas Please" article at I realized that someone (once again), beat me to the punch. I've been wondering for some time: how high does the price of a gallon of gas have to get before people REALLY curtail their driving? I've already been doing it, and I know others have too, but when is it going to happen en masse? I predict 10 dollars/gallon. That sounds insane to most americans, but they're paying that right now in England. So tell me: what's YOUR breaking point? What's it gonna take to get YOU out of your car?

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