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Barbourula Kalimantanensis: "Lungs are for sissies!"

BORNEO, Indonesia
In a hushed press conference today a spokesfrog for the elusive Barbourula Kalimantanensis spoke out against illegal gold mining in Borneo. "Look, I'm a frog and it's all fine & good that you guys need to make a living, but see, I breathe through my damn skin and your mining operation is fucking up my river, see? Yeah yeah yeah, we've heard the whole "but I've got no other way of making money" talk before... Frankly I don't give a damn: you LUNG breathers are just a bunch of sissies! Why don't y'all try breathing with YOUR lungs full of silt and see how YOU like it!"

The spokesfrog promptly snatched a fly buzzing around it's head and hopped out of the room leaving the slew of reporters shaking their heads in amazement.

Seriously though, there's an interesting article about this at Reuters Mobile.
Anyone care to pontificate as to why this amphibian evolved backwards? Tripy ain't it?

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