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The Queen of Glean

Oh dear, she's done it again. "What's that?" you say? IMPRESS THE HELL OUT OF ME.

I wrote about Jacquie the FIRST TIME way back in December of 2005, not long after I started writing this blog. She's been impressing the hell out of me for a long time.

In 2007 I met jacquie's husband Charlie for the first time when he came to my house with a mutual acquaintance to check out my human electric hybrid bicycle, SuperVato. To say I was honored to have Charlie in my garage would be a gross and unjust understatement. The fact that he rode my bike and declared it a "true cyclists electric bike" made all the waiting and sweating over the details worth the trouble. To quote my former sister in law Charity, I did the "yippy skippy" inside my head when he said that.

Fast forward to December 2007 when I discovered Jacquie's Weblog and started commenting. We started corresponding shortly thereafter. We still haven't met for "tea", though I intend to change that this month if possible. Shortly after our email conversation started, Jacquie told me she was under the gun trying to finish an article for the Pacific Sun. She tried to send me a draft to preview it, but due to some technical (formatting) issues, I wasn't able to read it. I went out of town shortly thereafter (watch the blog for a entry about my trip to London and Stockholm coming up) and this evening I was catching up on the blogs I usually read. Kent Peterson's Blog is usually where I start and one of the recent entries is about Jacquie and her article in the Pacific Sun. It caused me to once again reassess my lifestyle and the daily choices I make. Her article makes a fine companion piece to the Story of Stuff, but that's hardly a surprise: Jacquie's always been ahead of her time. Her lifestyle predates the Story of Stuff by years and years and like I said in 2005, she's a continuing source of inspiration. Thanks to Kent & Jacquie!

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