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First Houbliette designee

I feel sick, I might have to take a shower. One of england's greatest rock bands has had it's music defiled by a clothing retailer. While mowing my lawn & listening to marin county's trendiest radio station Alice 97.3 (one of the only ones that comes in clear on my radio earmuffs) , I heard an ad for a Mervin's after-thanksgiving sale and something was nagging at me (and no, it wasn't christmas shopping). Realization dawned on me in horror: they were using a dumbed down elevator version of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen. Freddie is likely rolling over in his grave everytime this ad gets played. The very essence of this track is total anathema to the consumerist agenda being persued in the ad: it makes me ill. I'm not a regular customer of Mervins, but you can be SURE that I won't shop there now: no company with the desire to defile quality music into a cheap commodity deserves my ( or your) business. Fuck you Mervins, you now have an official place in the newly named Houbliette (the Hopper Oubliette). The idea for my own personal Oubliette started years ago, but it took this distasteful incident for me to finally create it. Go to your hole and stay there Mervins!

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LeilaG said...

Alice 97.3 pissed me off years ago. They play good music, or used to back when they had no DJ's, but the Sarah and Vinny show (before No-name) angered me to no end. Their comments were off the wall insulting, a horrible representation of men/woman and I'd lost it when they started joking about 9/11 (the day after it had happened!) I was so mad I blasted them in email and then had a sick grin on my face the day after when they apologized to their listeners. I listened to one episode with no name, but haven't listened to them since...and probably never will.