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Raffle loser & NYE Resolutions

Well, I didn't win the Electra Amsterdam from the raffle, much to my dismay. I guess I needed to buy more raffle tickets: I bought 10! Still, I like the site, so I'm glad to support it. Did I really need another bike? No, but it's just so pretty, I couldn't help but enter the raffle...

In other news, I've survived the holidaze (obviously) and the new years was uneventful other than the fact that I had some sort of stomach bug and we didn't go out, which was a bummer, but was probably safer in the long run. Happy New Years to all of you!

Did you make any New Years Resolutions? I did!

1. Be more patient and forgiving and less snappy and critical of my wife and son.
2. Get back to 2005's commitment to travel 50% of my travel miles by bicycle, which leads to #3
3. Get down to 180 lbs again (shouldn't be a problem if #2 is being done!)
4. Immerse my self further in Zomadic so that I can make a greater contribution to the company and feel more satisfaction at the end of each work day.
5. Simplify my life by removing much of the "stuff" I have hanging around and completing the multitude of projects that I have already lying around uncompleted.

Feel free to check up on me and my resolutions... sometimes it's nice to have that kind of jolt ;)

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