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No helmet required

As I've long suspected, helmet's don't protect you from a lot of crashes. In fact, most people have a tendency (probably from years of having it drilled into their heads) that they should protect their head and face in a crash. I'm not advocating that people not wear helmets, especially those who are somewhat inexperienced cyclists. All I'm saying is, don't think a helmet will save your life. Being alert and in full possesion of your faculties is perhaps the single best thing you can do to protect yourself on a bicycle.

Please read THIS or click on the title for a cycling fatality story and the top 10 things the News gets wrong about bicycle crashes. It's a good one.

Thanks to Todd and his Elsewhere posting

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Cathy said...

I wear a helmet pretty religiously* now because I tend to feel naked without it, but it's kind of interesting because I didn't use to wear one back when I was 14 and actually did get hit by a car (and obviously lived to tell about it).**

* Except for last fall when I lived in Germany, where no one did.

** Then again, who knows how brilliant I might be today if I had been wearing one when I went splat on the ground...