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Toothpaste up my ass

Thought I'd check my own favorite blogs, and made another inter-jump to the Oil is for Sissies blog. Scroll down to the August 11th posting, or just click HERE. Got a good LOL out of this one, though I had to stifle it to avoid waking the wife and child. It's my sentiments exactly.

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~*~Lei-L@~*~ said...

Damn, that was funny...but he does have a good point. Who does the governement honestly think they're kidding?? New flying regulations are a crock of sh!t. I damn near snorted my milk this morning when I saw LIPSTICK as one of the items banned...puh-lease.

I'll paint you to death with my cherry lip balm! Christ...what a joke. Can someone please explain to me how my shampoo could possibly be a danger of national security??? I mean, soap in the eyes is painful, but I honestly doubt it would cause a plain to explode....