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Kai the stunt clown

My son cracks me up. Yesterday at the park he was running up the play structure and DIVING down the tube slide headfirst at full speed. His dismounts got progressively weirder: on his last couple of trys he would pull himself out until his head was on the ground and then throw his arms out to the side. It looked like a circus act, and it was hilarious. His other new trick is running down the grassy hill and throwing himself down with the intent of making it look like he tripped. I've dubbed him "stunt clown" at this point, borrowing the name from the clothing manufacturer.


~*~Lei-L@~*~ said...

Your son is just THE cutest!! I can't wait to have my own :-)

sfcg said...

That totally reminds me of myself as a kid. That's a pretty cool way of getting off a slide ;)