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Frostbyte's electric marvels never more to grace the night

Wow. I just found out that one of my favorite artists died. I never met him, but I spent a lot of time appreciating his art. This man was a genius, and the world is a much darker place without him. Frostbyte, I'm sorry I never met you in person. Peace be with you, wherever you are. You are an inspiration to many, and you will never be forgotten.

I found out about this from Tall Tom, Fearless organizer of the Temple of Dreams Guardian Angels. The link to the original article in the Boston Globe can be accessed HERE or by clicking on the title of this post.


2006-01-17 11:24:47 PM: It has come to my attention that Frostbyte's site at MIT is down... and I'm not sure why. I'm digging folks, so if I can find out where the photos and coumentation on his art projects went to, I'll fix the links here. You'll know when I know.

2005-12-28 11:04:41 AM: As per Leila's investigative digging, here is the link to Frostbyte's (aka Kevin McCormick) amazing art projects.

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~*~Lei-L@~*~ said...

Is this the artist that died?

I know see why you enjoy his art so much, even checked out some of his burning man sculptures and am quite amazed at the brain power that had to have gone into those creations.

A true loss for sure. May he look down from the heavens above and enjoy the creations of those that will follow in his steps.